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Full Care Board & Training
please call for availability
s complete training of horse and rider.
management of farrier and health needs.  
Supplements, vet, and farrier to be billed to owner.

Full Board
Includes daily turn out(as needed) and stall cleaning
Full Care Pasture board is also available $400

SALES &LEASES-available!
Leasing of our horses (including some customer horses ) is only available to students currently enrolled in our lesson program. We do half leases and full
leases which enable students to gain a more extensive riding and show experience beyond our lesson horses. Leasing provides the opportunity to show a
performance horse if they are not yet ready or able to own a show horse of their own. Leasing a horse involves paying full or half of the board and training
expenses, shoeing and routine veterinary care and show expenses.
2016 Pine Haven Service Fees
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